Six of Wands

Day 26: “Pull a tarot card. Look up the meaning. Write a poem about it.”

So, I went online and looked a tarot card generator to do this assignment. The tarot card I got was a upright “Six of Wands”. The meaning of this card is exactly what I needed to read.

Link to website:



The Six of Wands depicts a man wearing a victory wreath around his head and riding a decorated white horse through a crowd of cheering people. His horse represents strength, purity and the successful progression of an adventure, and the group of people marks the public recognition for the man’s achievements. The rider holds an upright wand with a wreath tied to the top, further emphasising success and achievement. He is not afraid to show off to others what he has accomplished in his life so far and, even better, the surrounding crowd is delighted to cheer him along.


Upright: Success, public recognition, progress, self-confidence.

Words of encouragement by Eevee

We rode to freedom

Upright and cheer

Sing the praises of this mighty

Warrior, female savior

No man can dim her

Shine, light

Visible Of success in

Her future


Haven’t been myself

Good Evening readers,

For the past few days, I’ve been focusing on a final exam for school and not blogging. Then, my mental health has just been jeopardize due to emotional pains from paternal expectations. It seems I just can’t catch a break. Well, I will once I turn in this final exam. But then what? I had an idea of what to do with this blog, but my doubts keep settling in like morning drew flowers.

Everyday I’m thinking, “what am I doing with my life?”

Going back to school, after two years, did not seem so bad until reality bitched-slap me. Hard. Regardless, after a series of unfortunate events, I made it to the end of the semester and questioning why and if I want to continue. Oh, I bet your thinking I can’t quit after one semester, but the possibility is there. I did sign up for fall 2019 classes, so let’s see how that goes.

As for freelancing, I’m just trying to figure myself out and my online author platform. I am beyond happy to have twenty followers after two weeks of blogging and getting more and more likes as time goes by. This is the encouragement I needed as a writer. My world is beyond negative and I need an outlet of positivity.

Welcome to my blog.

A simple girl by Eevee

Just a simple girl

In a hating world

Thoughts of wondering

Amongst the lost children

Adults capitalizing in authority

Trust is a luxury

A girl stands in grits of

Rice to please them

Hands bleeding from

Unwritten words

No utensil to scratch the

Itch of literature

They don’t want her

Words to escape

To bring hope

To bring life to the

Prisoners of life

The others, deserve control

Drugs are candy

The simple girl is


Retracing steps (Words and Poems pt. 2)

Since this earlier post got the most likes this month, I want to revisit that topic or former thoughts I had during that moment. Furthermore, my best poetry comes out of pure tormenting emotions of anguish, aniexty, and anger. As a result, it is hard to think of why certain poems are dark, yet, likable to audiences. Maybe, is it because I am telling the truth? A hidden truth I don’t wish to face in reality. Additionally, while writing, my truth slowing comes out because talking to another human is foreign communication nowadays. Will I ever speak my truth..

Day 22: “write a response or part 2 to a poem you wrote this month”.

Defining poetry by Eevee

I am baffled. How could I

Deceive myself with

Lines of poetry

Such sweet sorrow for the

Sweet wholesome gal saving

All the other souls, yet,

Salvation stares at her sun-kissed

Skin. Silenced mouth with

Zippered lips, drawn chalk lines

And, the song goes down.

Poetry, a grace for the girl.

Lines, words, stanazas

Pen, pencil, paper

Pepperjack dots forming sculpture

Lines of alphabets, English native tongue

Of the writing utensil

Complexity is a beauty

Hands draw words in a sand

Escaping the enemies, establishing

Justice behind her actions.

Her words are in stone,

A solid unmoving surface.

Poetry, is her mountaintop.

Extra! Extra!

So, daily blogging is not easy. It’s day 22, yet, I’m writing two challenges per every few days to catch up. It’s been a while since I wrote something, let along, do a writing challenge. Well, I plan to change lol that once this week ends, and it’s my final week of school this semester. Thank God. It’s almost over.

Day 20: “write a series of newspaper headlines about your life”. This is about to be fun.

She’s the headliner by Eevee

21 ways to gain weight in six days

Buy one, get two for free

How to turn off a guy in 10 days or less

She is a national hero, of chumps

Education: free enslavement, or not?

Quiz him or not, we will tell if he’s in love

Goth is the new Chic

Sports–oh wait, it’s Soccer Moms

Non-GMO is Great for Grasshoppers

Vegan your life away

Cheese is not In–while smoothies are Out

Natural Hair is an excuse to wear curls says, “EeveeWrites”

Individuality is overrated, follow the rules, millennials

Kids, the brutally honest crew you will ever meet

P. S. There is a reason I did not seek Journalism, I don’t read newspapers. Therefore, what is a headline? Honestly, writing these lines was fun, but scary truthful.

A revolution of Sorts

The other day, I finally watched “Birth of a nation”, the story about Nat Turner and rebellion. I heard his name from the tv series, “Roots”, but did not know fully his story until now. The man who wrote this story, originally, is D. W. Griffith. While researching the origins of the story, I wanted to learn more about the writer of the story and learn what was his motivation. In essence, we all believe in something and for Griffith, he believe in a cause that he thought was right. And, probably religiously correct. Yet, as history shows us, we as humans can be wrong.

Day 19: “make a black out poem from a Wikipedia page”.

Martin’s Dream

Day 18: “start your poem, ‘ in a dream’ ”

When I heard today’s prompt, I remember Martin Luther King’s speech, “I had a Dream”. And I wonder, did we achieve his dream? Because the black on black crime is ridiculous. So much hate within my community. I remember in an earlier post, “We Will Rock You” about if the black community stands together, we are strong. Yet, the world turns us, trends, social media turns us away from unity. So, here is my Dream.

A dream within a dream by Eevee

In a dream, my sister will not shut me out

By jealousy or misconceptions

We are beautiful, all shades of


In a dream, my brother will raise his child

Like my dad did, four biologically

One is a product of desire

Yet, his job is a father

A leader

A counselor

In a dream, my feet won’t bleed anymore

From walking, from working

My hands are free, but

My feet took its turn

In a dream, families will be together

No baby “insert name here” but,

Mother and Father

In a dream, sisterhood is loyalty

In a dream, support is second nature

In my dream, I become God wants me to be.

We were liars.

Main, today is all about cruelty. Or, at least. Remembering all the cruelty I’ve experienced. Luckily, in the last two weeks, I’ve had one of my closet friends whom has hurt me deeply more than he ever knew, finally apologize to me. It was a relief, though I frankly didn’t believe him. As the saying goes, forgiveness is for yourself. The other person can accept or deny. I am indifferent. I cared so much for him and his life. But his choices made me drift away from a good friend. Choices. We all have to make them.

Day 17: “write a poem from the prespective of your ex”.

Oh boy, my ex. Technically, I am dating my Ex. We only ended because of third party outsiders, nothing between us really. He is, and always will be, my best friend. So, for this poem, I will write about the EX before my current boyfriend. The abusive one.

Galas, Smiles, and Twisting Arms by Eevee

Everything starts with a smile

So, you tired your best

To make me smile, ask

her number and next, the gala.

her pity said yes, her perception

Skeptical. Yet, I was determined.

Determine to trap you.

Though, you didn’t know the difference

My girlfriend, blinded by tomfoolery

Squeezing my tie, sparking on

Cologne, the kind you like so much

The door rings, her “best friend” comes

To pick me up,

The gala is tonight. I will present myself