If only we can create a time machine

“Again, but better” is the hottest new young adult novel by Booktuber, Christine Riccio.

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Now, My strategy for reading this book is by not reading the book summary, or blurb, at all. It’s better that way because there is so much more that happens within this story.

Shane, the main character, is anyone who regrets how he or she lived their college days. Whether you were a drunk at parties, or busy gaining scholarships and fraternity attention, not everyone enjoys one’s college experience.

I know I didn’t. Repeating high school mistakes and relationships, the moment I transferred into a university, I wanted to be alone. So, I didn’t try to make “close” friends at all. Like, I knew people, but going out was not apart of my plan. Therefore, I refuse to get in trouble with the wrong crowd, again.

Yet, I do regret not making those friendships when I did cause now, I’m sorta friendless. At least, not many close friends, or girlfriends. Everyone’s engaged.

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Did I mention I stuck at relationships as well? So, yes. After college, I was pressured into finding a job, all while trying to balance out my life as a writer. In contrast, as I am living in 2019, I’m starting to regret not going out, making friends, continue the dumb decisions of any college student. I played college safe, and boring.

Our character, Shane, was determined to fix her introverted college mistakes by lying to her parents and going on an aboard trip to London. Sounds fun, right? Well, Shane got more than what she bargained for during her journey, but a memory she will have forever, fictionally. (This review contains no spoilers, so your gonna read the book, please and Thank You)

Additionally, how can I, for example, recreate that college experience, correctly? By living my life now. I may by under stress and battling depression, but my life isn’t over. I am not even 25 years old yet. I can travel, not back in time though. And, I wouldn’t change anything because the joys and pains I have did grow me into the person I am today.

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Self-love. If you were to ask me at 15 if I loved myself, I did not. It took my years, and being stupid by pouring the love I should have given myself to another. I had to make those foolish mistakes to realize at the end of the day, I got me. No one else has me, but my God (entity).

Neither did Shane love herself cause she wasn’t living her truth. The ages of 19-24 are the hardest because you are still figuring out who you are and what to do in life. Sometimes you have to let go, or loose someone in order to wake up from the fantasies of childhood.

Growing is a rough transnational period, and I’m still trying to figure it out. In essence, I can’t stop now.


Eevee Van Helsing

SO, this writing challenge is such a bore. Eevn Raven Madison would agree that I should do more than just answer questions.

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I should be providing short stories. Maybe I can insert myself as a fictional character that meets the infamous, Raven Madison from Vampire Kisses. Ooo, I like that idea. Anywho, back to the today’s topic.

Day 6: “what’s your fave thing about your heroine?”

She’s feisty.

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Raven Madison adores being the weird Gothic girl at her school and terrorizes anyone who makes fun of her. Aka, her enemy, Trevor Mitchell. He always picked on her, but she found a way to spin the situation around in her favor.

At 24 years old, I’ve realized I had let go of my dreams of being like Raven Madison. I subjective myself to society standards, even a boy’s standards. I like being weird and Gothic and contain compassion for the strange and unusual. No matter what another person thinks.

I am me.

Short Story Time (A flash fiction)

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It is a truth universally acknowledged in this world that a gothic girl does not wear white boots. I prefer black. All these Wuthering Heights girls with their gliss and glam, white nail polish, and diamond jewels. I like the chips of my black nail polish, but this new school, in Dullsville, seems dull.

I have yet to see anyone like me. I’m sitting in the courtyard, applying the usual cat wing liner when I see her. Another all-black outfit girl. Lace, cowebs, and skull chains hanging from her skinny body. My lips turn up at a grin and I close my hand mirror. Forcing myself up, I follow the other gothic girl. She seems to be looking for someone. I pass a group of Cinderella look-alikes and roll my eyes. They look frighten at my appearance.

I pull my cardigan closer to me as I make my way thru the crowds of white, beige, and blush pink. Soon enough, the girl in front of me stops suddenly. An orange-hair girl appears to be talking to the gothic girl. She doesn’t seem to fit in either with the plaid skirt and cowboy boots. I try to contain the joy I have inside of me.

Mashing my lips together, I want to make a good first impression on the girls. If I intend to stay here. My burgundy lipstick was darker than my brown-skin complexion, so I could avoid eye contact with the dulls of Dullsville.

Deep down, I was hoping this girl can be my salvation.

Eyes Wide Closed

Okay, I miss writing poems. So, reader, you are getting a poem today from the last challenge that I didn’t finish. No judging.

Day 24: “Google Acrostic poems and write one. Do not take it too seriously.”

Please Help me by Eevee

Invoke the muse while

Nudging me to stay awake to

Eat my mother’s horrible

Eggplant meal, today I will not

Date another man whom

Comes to her standards

Of beauty, oh muse send me a

Freaking greek-god of

Fantastic majestic imagery, and

Empower influence on me to allow my

Eardrums while not hearing the voices in my head.

Fictional Role models

Day 5: “how would your heroine describe your weekend?”

My heroine. Do I have one? I’ve read so many books that I don’t have a favorite, besides Twilight. Yet, I don’t see Bella Swan as my heroine. She is strong, but more chilled than I am. She wouldn’t push me to go on an adventure.

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Like Raven Madison from Vampire Kisses. See, the book series, Vampire Kisses by Ellen Schreiber, is my favorite vampire theme book series. It’s a nine book series. If you think about it as a writer and English major, I like certain genre-themed books/series. Stand alone books are great, but I prefer certain authors and his or her books like Ni-Ni Simone and Colleen Hoover.

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With this in mind, I would pick Raven Madison as my heroine because she is spunky and adventurous in ways I wish I was in real life.

Raven would go into an abandoned castle with no problems. She would go and investigate a place, or person with fear or doubt in mind. Raven Madison is more than just a gothic, vampire loving girl.

My weekend consisted of chilling at home, going to the library for some free A/C, and my commitment to the gym. That’s it. My summer is pretty boring until Graduate School starts again.

So, what would Raven Madison think of my weekend? I’m such a bore. I need to hit up the Coffin Club and find a hot vampire boyfriend like Alexander Sterling. In which, I totally agree.

I’m hoping this Fall to include more event planning into my schedule. College homecoming, haunted houses, battle of the bands. I’m young and still in my twenties.

Hot n’ Steamy

Happy Tuesday Night. This August writing challenge is somewhat of a different writing style than what I normally do. I’m so use to poetry challenges that answering simple questions seem like a quick fix.

I like to write and narrative to my audience as much as possible. That’s just the fiction writer in me.

Now, the Eevee the poet likes to entertain and lure the reader into a riddle of words and meaning, influence and mystery. Like a Colleen Hoover book.

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4. Whats your style: streamy or scorching? 
I prefer both. With the theme or romance, you want to feel the intensity of the characters bond and translate their love into the reader. In addition, the reader feels in love. Therefore, as a romance writer, you did your job buddy! 

Just like my writing preference, I like my romance stories to be as hot n’ steamy. For example, the author Colleen Hoover writes her stories with such a passionate romance will make you jealous of reality. Often times, I wish to meet a man not afraid to express himself, but who knew the world is full of shy men!

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Girls, by society standards, we should be coy but open to influence. Ignorant? I know. I’m just stating facts, but why is no one talking about the challenges men go through to talk to a girl. The movies make romance seem easy when its not. Writers make love seem simple to accomplish with hot n’ steamy scenes and open confessions of love.

But, it’s not.

Reality is full of mistakes.

This reminds me of a one act play I read in college about getting the perfect first meeting between a girl and a guy right, or at least, the first impression. obviously, boy meets girl in a coffee shop. They chat and laugh, but then, someone says the wrong thing and a bell rings. The scene plays over again. And, that the whole plot of the play. A bell rings for the two character to regroup and try again. Regardless, this seems stupid until the characters finally say the right words and gestures which leds to a second upcoming encounter.

Yet the point, we are not going to always say the right things on the first try. Everyone’s human.

My Black Is Beautiful

Today, we lost a queen, but her reign will live long in black women writers.

Toni Morrison
February 18, 1931-  August 5, 2019
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I was sadden when I heard the news. She was a well-known writer, to the point where I heard of her firstly by watching the movie, Beloved. Such a real and raw story that made me think twice about motherhood and parenting.

Not that I am a mother, yet. I’m not expecting. But, her stories was extraordinary in a way which made me slow down my normal fast-pace reading to savoy every word she wrote.

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She makes me take notice of details. How important is t is to add the right adjectives and imagery to a story that tells more than the characters. The vivid words she wrote often times than not, caused me to re-read a word, or a sentence before moving forward. If she had this type of impact on me, I can only imagine how other writers feel.

Which brings me back to my own writing, what details am I missing out on? What can I do as a writer to make a lasting impact like Toni Morrison.

What about you. How do you feel as an individual tying to make yourself a brand, and figuring out how to reach those goals.

Hope Springs

Hello readers, it’s been awhile. My last post was nearly a month ago, which is completely my fault. I’ve been focusing on my commitment to the gym, than writing. Yes, I am getting myself in shape, but neglecting my true love for writing. So, I found another writing challenge to force myself into writing again. Consistently is key to success. And, I want prove something to myself in the process. Bear with me.

The “A Romantic August” writing challenge.

I just found this writing challenge on Instagram and figured, why not. It seems the only way I stay constantly writing is by doing a challenge. For this reason, I need to grow consistent as a writer. Since I’m already days behind, I’m adding the first three questions in one post. The remaining questions will have individual post until the end of the month.

1. What are your writing goals? 
So lately, I’m trying to finish a book. The first manuscript I’m almost completely done it since I started it last summer. 
My second goal is to continue this new journaling style: stream of consciousness. Its just a notebook full of my thoughts, random thoughts and poems. 
Third, continue to add poems to my second poetry collection.

2. What is the theme of your WIP? 
Um, romance.

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As always I love a good romance story. Lately I’ve been forcing myself to read the Casteel saga by V. C. Andrews to get back into reading for Graduate School. I did slack off this summer but I’m getting back into the zone. So, romance. 

3. What’s on your TBR this weekend?
Well, I finished “On The Come Up” by Angie Thomas earlier than expected.

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And, all my books are at my job, or Im waiting on books from my hold list at the library. So, my hands are tied with my TBR list. Unless I spend money to buy the books which I can’t since I’m laying for school. Yay me. 

In the end, I’m just a writer trying to make it. Juggle multiple commitments at the same time, and finding myself in the mist of all the troubles in adulthood. Forgive me readers, and enjoy the next challenge.