Wake Me Up


So, I had another emotional blackout. The Monster is free to be creative eating away at Creativity, this sanity. I remember me. -EeveeWrites, 2020 Hello readers, It's been awhile since my routine of book reviews, and creative content. Yet, I had a incident to wake me up again from a deep slumber I was in … Continue reading Wake Me Up

Imma Grown Woman

Hello readers, During the month of "September Love", I wanted to review Tiffany's D. Jackson's latest book release, "Grown". instantly, this book gives me Ni-Ni Simone vines with a hint of Sister Souljah. I miss reading a good Urban Fiction story nowadays. Oh, let me not forget, "Like a Moth to A Flame" hunny by … Continue reading Imma Grown Woman

October Book Review: Who run the World?

hello readers, This month I had chosen two African American authors and compared their books together for this month's review. The books are called, "Conjure Women: A Novel" by Afia Atakora and "The Book of Night Women" by Marlon James. as usual, I am browsing through my local library's newly added eBooks and seen the … Continue reading October Book Review: Who run the World?

This Is My America…Sort Of

First, let me say, I read this book because the cover is breathtaking. Okay, back to the regularly schedule blog session. Google Images Hello readers, Eevee here, back again with another book review. I wanted to d a blind read this month, and so I choose book based on the cover alone. No book jacket … Continue reading This Is My America…Sort Of