Wake Me Up


So, I had another emotional blackout. The Monster is free to be creative eating away at Creativity, this sanity. I remember me. -EeveeWrites, 2020 Hello readers, It's been awhile since my routine of book reviews, and creative content. Yet, I had a incident to wake me up again from a deep slumber I was in … Continue reading Wake Me Up

September Love5

Weak Knees by Evelyn Davis Weak knees Sparks fly among the unknowing  An expectation not required,  Nor desire To feel weak in the knees Vulnerability slipping through my teeth Oh why is it you?  Why not you, puzzling my every  Thought, gesture to distract  A longing to just love you  My recipe is the fixture  … Continue reading September Love5

September Book Review: A Lost Love

So, curiosity has overtaken me by this next book I chose to read entitled, "A Song For You: My Life with Whitney Houston" by Robyn Crawford. Google Images Now, I went into reading this biography with an open mind, which allowed me to read the story and appreciate the connection between two people. I did … Continue reading September Book Review: A Lost Love